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Old 05-15-2005, 17:52
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Cool Mount Volume Notification

Hi all

I have a BIG problem with notification about mounted volumes . I want to implement an application (in user/kernel mode) that could be notified whenever any removable medias( like Floppy or CD-ROM) or network drive is being mounted.
You know ,my app.(in user mode) could be notified about any modification on certain Dir (including file rename , create or delete ) by using 'FindFirstChangeNotification'.
But It does not work on drive which have not been mounted yet.
how can i solve it ?
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Old 05-16-2005, 00:50
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You can use RegisterDeviceNotification function in User32.dll. The documentation can be found on Platform SDK (or MSDN).

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Old 05-16-2005, 11:53
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Hi ,
I used RegisterDeviceNotification , but i don't know which GUID i should use in dbcc_classguid to receive the notification of new arrival volumes!
I also used DEV_BROADCAST_VOLUME as the second parameter of RegisterDeviceNotification ,
and set its filed as follow :
.dbcv_size = sizeof(DEV_BROADCAST_VOLUME );
.dbcv_devicetype = DBT_DEVTYP_VOLUME;
.dbcv_unitmask = 0x0001 ;
.dbcv_flags = DBTF_MEDIA ;
but it failed !

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Old 05-17-2005, 03:23
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I beleive that you want dbcc_classguid = InterfaceClassGuid. Check out the example on MSDN.


Also in RegisterDeviceNotification the value DEVICE_NOTIFY_ALL_INTERFACE_CLASSES can be set and will ignore dbcc_classguid but that is only in specific cases.

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Old 05-26-2005, 03:28
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Tnx for all comments , I did it by attaching to their file system and process the return STATUS code to detect it if the media is exist or not . it's not complete but i'm trying
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