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Old 01-12-2024, 04:11
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Loading of an UPSD3354DV Flash dump into IDA Pro

I dumped the flash from a UPSD3354DV MCU from an embedded Programmable Counter and this produced two files:

1) Main-Flash.obj, which is Intel HEX
2) Main-Flash.osf, which is Ascii HEX

Converted the Ascii Hex file to binary by removing the sections headers, and pasting the contents into HxD.
This produced a binary file of exactly 256 KB which is matches the size of the main flash.

I tried to extract some information from the binary by parsing it with binwalk, but this yields no result.
Also loading the file into IDA Pro does not produce anything useful, becaus I don't know the entry point.

The UPSD3354DV, is an 8bit 8032 MCU with programmable logic, compatible with 3rd party 8051 tools
256KB primary flash & 32KB secondary flash

Can anybody give me a hint as to why Binwalk does not yield any results, and how to load this binary into IDA Pro?

For some reason the files which I attached do not appear, so here is the link to the main-flash.rar file

Attached Files
File Type: rar Main-Flash.rar (130.2 KB, 11 views)

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