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Wink [Guide] How to Bypass the BitLocker Recovery Screen

What Is a BitLocker Recovery Screen?

BitLocker is a Windows encryption feature that allows users to encrypt their volumes and safeguard their data. It helps you protect data from unauthorized access. When you encrypt it, you need a recovery key to unlock and access it.
So, what is a BitLocker recovery screen? If you can’t access your data as usual, BitLocker enters recovery mode, allowing your regular access to encrypted drive.
Therefore, providing the recovery key is the most straightforward way to enter your encrypted volume from the BitLocker recovery screen. However, it can be a bit tricky if you lose the key.

Can BitLocker Be Bypassed?
BitLocker recovery requires the recovery key, but you may lose that key. Fortunately, you can get rid of the BitLocker recovery without the recovery key. How you go about it depends on the cause of the BitLocker recovery screen.

Causes of the BitLocker Recovery Screen
Constantly entering the 48-digit numerical password when you turn your computer on can be annoying. That is, of course, if you remember the recovery key. If not, it prevents you from properly using your computer.
So, what causes the BitLocker recovery screen? Here are some reasons:
  • Wrong BitLocker password – If you’ve typed in the wrong password too many times, it could cause the BitLocker recovery screen.
  • New boot menu issues – Windows 10 has a new boot menu that can cause the BitLocker recovery screen. Switching back to the Legacy Boot can fix the problem.
  • Auto-unlock option – Auto-unlock can sometimes cause the BitLocker recovery screen when it’s turned on. Thus, you can fix the issue by turning it off.
  • Outdated BIOS – BIOS can malfunction when outdated and cause several problems, including the BitLocker recovery screen.
  • Secure Boot issues – Secure Boot protects your PC from malware. If you’re having problems with the BitLocker recovery screen, try turning it on or off.
  • Software issues – Software issues can cause multiple problems to your computer. Cleaning your computer from any software issues can fix the BitLocker recovery screen.

Seven Methods to Bypass the BitLocker Recovery Screen

There are numerous reasons for the BitLocker recovery screen to appear. However, the following are the top seven ways to get around the BitLocker recovery screen. Give them a try and fix the problem with your BitLocker.
Causes and Methods
  • Wrong BitLocker password - Request a BitLocker recovery key
  • New boot menu issues - Turn on legacy boot
  • Auto-unlock option - Turn off auto-unlock
  • Outdated BIOS - Update the BIOS
  • Secure boot issues - Turn secure boot on or off
  • Software issues - Format the drive and reinstall windows

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