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NFC Card Emulator Pro (Root Required) v9.1.1

A powerful NFC Card Emulator that simulates various types of cards, for example, access cards, elevator cards, factory (meal) cards, school (meal) cards, some library cards, and other IC cards. (Not guaranteed to work for everyone)

1. Your phone needs to have NFC.
2. Your phone needs to be rooted. (Why does NFC Card Emulator require root privileges? Because to simulate a card, the NFC Card Emulator needs to write the Card-ID to the NFC configuration file on your phone, which requires root privileges.)

1. Turn on NFC.
2. Open the NFC Card Emulator.
3. Put the NFC card on the back of the phone. After the identification is successful, enter a card name and save it.
4. Clicking the card's "simulate" button, simulates the chosen card. Now just touch your phone on an NFC Reader and watch the magic happen!
NOTE: When you use the NFC Card Emulator, make sure that NFC and your screen are turned on!

==Supported Phones (with stock ROM)==
Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Sony, Samsung (S4, S5, Note3), Google Phone, Meizu, LG, HTC, Nubia, Letv, Moto, Lenovo, and maybe more?
Note: The above-supported phones have different versions of the Android system and different environments, there is no guarantee that the simulation will succeed, you need to try it yourself, good luck!

==Unsupported Phones==
Samsung S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, and above.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra flash the "??tnt" ROM will work.
NOTE: Some unsupported phones do work with a custom ROM such as Aurora or LineageOS.
Note: For the above unofficial ROM, there is no guarantee that the simulation will succeed, you need to try it yourself, good luck!

==Supported Watches==
Huawei watch2, and maybe more?

==Supported Card-IDs==
NFC Card Emulator can add and simulate 4, 7, and 10 bytes Card UIDs.

==Supported NFC chip models==
NXP, Broadcom, and ST

Password: Exetools
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To complete this thread here is a compiled version of mfoc-hardnested
With libusb0.dll, nfc.dll and zadig included in the zip for conveniance.

Usage: mfoc-hardnested [-h] [-C] [-F] [-k key] [-f file] ... [-P probnum] [-T tolerance] [-O output]

  h     print this help and exit
  C     skip testing default keys
  F     force the hardnested keys extraction
  Z     reduce memory usage
  k     try the specified key in addition to the default keys
  f     parses a file of keys to add in addition to the default keys
  P     number of probes per sector, instead of default of 20
  T     nonce tolerance half-range, instead of default of 20
        (i.e., 40 for the total range, in both directions)
  O     file in which the card contents will be written

Example: mfoc-hardnested -O mycard.mfd
Example: mfoc-hardnested -k ffffeeeedddd -O mycard.mfd
Example: mfoc-hardnested -f keys.txt -O mycard.mfd
Example: mfoc-hardnested -P 50 -T 30 -O mycard.mfd

This is mfoc-hardnested version 0.10.9 hardnested.
pass: Exetools
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File Type: zip mfoc.hardnested.x64.zip (5.81 MB, 16 views)
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Original version of tool posted by @JMP-JECXZ but without "hardnested" attack:

MFOC is an open source implementation of "offline nested" attack by Nethemba.
This program allow to recover authentication keys from MIFARE Classic card.
Please note MFOC is able to recover keys from target only if it have a known key: default one (hardcoded in MFOC) or custom one (user provided using command line).

You can find a lot more interesting NFC tools here:
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