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Old 08-27-2015, 20:55
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ARTeam: SplashIt v 1.1 by CondZero

Hi all,
we're releasing an updated version of our tool SplashIt thanks to CondZero


Release notes (see chm file inside):
+ Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
+ Windows Vista/7/8 Support including GDI+ v1.1 and WIC Adobe Photoshop PSD file open support.
+ WIC can now save animated gif files and gif transparency is supported.
+ Selection for rectangle and ellipse has been improved with drag border support.
+ Restoration:
Color Balance includes 2 new options:
* Screened Poisson Equation for Image Contrast Enhancement
* Multiscale Retinex
Filters new option:
* Gradient Super Resolution
+ Color dialog:
Includes 5 new options:
* Highlight
* Midtone
* Shadow
* White balance
* Black balance
+ New Exif dialog for viewing JPEG / TIFF Exif Tags supported by Exiv2, optionally delete gps data
+ Redeye dialog includes new redeye default option included in new gdi+ v1.1
+ Better Transparency support for pasting images from the clipboard
+ Filters dialog offers 5x5 matrix support, variable tuning and radius selection for Gaussian / Sharpen filters
+ Effects dialog includes new radius selection for Glowing Edges blur
+ Region color dialog includes new option to set Gif Transparency color
+ Gif dialog displays the gif transparency color and allows for setting a new transparency color
+ Screen Capture for on the fly desktop images
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