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Old 08-18-2022, 23:45
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Hi guys thanks for the invite. My name is Zen (zeneq at times) and I'm more into the security scene than reversing but I have found myself spending (investing?) more time with reversing lately so have cracked a bunch of stuff - mostly security tools since that's what I'm into. It's been easy stuff without much protection - xray, nexpose, readyapi, ciscat, cerbero, some utilities, and a lot of private things usually because the installer was private. I've been helping h0nus with his t.me/pwn3rzs channel and someone there mentioned exetools in context of malcat - they were saying how the scene (exetools thread mentioned) tried to crack it (malcat) but couldn't etc.. which I think upon reading the thread here was not exactly true to the situation - really seems more like the author is here and being cool to everyone so everyone sort of backed off on showing the crack, doesn't mean it couldn't be done. (I got it pretty far myself, analyzing, but no mine didn't complete the analysis)

Anyway I think for the most part I am fairly well Zen and helpful and have an well developed sense of justice so I like to see people get credit where it's due, things like that. Ok have a nice day
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Old 08-20-2022, 03:09
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Hi guys, I recently joined this forum. I’m a member of other reversing forums for a long time, but was not active in the field from the last 8/9 years and moved to the Internet marketing field to earn bread and butter for my family and made a tremendous success in it. Now I’m back and started learning what’s new and what has changed.

Thank you Aaron for the invite.

Have a nice day
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Old 08-22-2022, 01:05
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Smile hello

Hey everyone! I've been interested in reversing since the gamecopyworld days (maybe 2000), but just started really making progress learning things thanks to online video tutorials. I'm a big fan of video tuts and some day hope to make some of my own to help consolidate lots of the information that seems so hard to find (and seems to be disappearing from the internet! - even with internet archive).

I read the rules and will absolutely not leak any info, but I do like collecting / archiving / protecting cracking tutorials and crackmes since they seem to disappear all the time from the internet - even though I also understand that certain techniques and sources need to be protected so that they are not circumvented.

As I currently write this, I've only cracked probably 50 or so proggies (and keygen'd my very first proggie - which afaik never had a keygen for it). I'm currently really interested in unpackers even if they seem way above my experience level right now. Gotta start somewhere!

Anyways, I've been a lurker of the exetools forums for probably 12 or so years and this is my first venturing out into the cracking landscape. I really appreciate all of your guys/gals dedication to freeing software and furthering reversing knowledge and I'm honored to be able to post here. Thank you all (:
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Old 08-23-2022, 14:29
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Hello All
I'm new to this site and looking to expand my techniques of reverse engineering, I enjoy looking at the code of others and altering them for my own goals. Like many of you once you start to work on a packer or protector you can’t stop to until you do it. Working till the early hours or until the Mrs tells you to stop. Looking forward to working, learning and solving many puzzles you guys/girls.
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welcome all new members here
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