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Old 02-18-2004, 23:15
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one is again vbs script (don't know-can't comment)
second probably is C source; (don't know-can't assemble)but seems not bad

& this all 3 work is her product?
or group's product?
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Old 02-19-2004, 00:07
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The one in C proves that 'some' virii makers are skilled programmers with their own tricks and knowledge wich they pass on to fellow-soles (don't know if that word exists) on the web,like reversers do on this board.
If it's ethical or not is not for me to decide because a big percentage of the web is offending to someone,while not to someone else.

>>& this all 3 work is her product?
i guess yes
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Old 02-19-2004, 07:33
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It's contradictory that most of us, reversers or crackers, are censuring a virus writer. It's true that a virus can cause harm. As probably most of us have suffer the consequences of a virus infection we certainly don't get along with virus writers. But very few of us write our software for selling so it doesn't hurt us to crack or reverse them.
Publishing her virus work on her web site is as objectionable as publishing the tools a cracker needs, as some of us do.
Eleven points out wisely that if you are going to blame her for harm caused by other people using her tools with nasty intentions you must apply that same criteria for harm caused by Saddam using chemical weapons sold to him by the American gov. We must apply the same yardstick!
Before I get too OT, I don't think learning from reversing hurts anyone. And the same can be said from a virus writer. Specially if prison is at stake. It just depends on the intention. Remember that crackers were put along hackers when M$ tried to convince the media that they were linked to terrorists!
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Old 02-19-2004, 17:22
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Originally posted by evaluator
>she is very talented girl.

from given viri i can't assume big talents(at least in "virology").
maybe another viri you give me?
You don't need to (reverse) her code, just go directly and read her articles in the #coderz zine.
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Old 02-23-2004, 02:53
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I used to take a look once in a while at coderz.net and remember gigabyte as the webmistress of this site providing webspace to virus coders ... but I thought that gigabyte presented herself has a girl/female to somehow hide her real identity ... in other words I thought gigabyte to be a male. I was wrong, she is indeed a girl.

I'm impressed by this arrest .. virus coders that publicize themselves with even a public website are in my opinion absolutely harmless. It is not them that one should fear.

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Old 02-23-2004, 22:46
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I had a few Talks with Giga ages ago on Undernet and must say that she is a really nice Person.

I hope the best for her :x
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Old 02-24-2004, 00:14
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It's really a sad news. Instead of finding who is ddosing wasm.ru belgian police does some nonsense: jails poor girl because of virii. And what problem with writing virii if she didn't spread them?

P.S. WASM.RU is back online .
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