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Old 03-05-2004, 08:58
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Unpacked Aspack Prog + Smartcheck

I have this program which is packed with Aspack, so I got a couple of unpackers and unpacked it. The unpacked version works fine. I loaded up hiew and I could pretty much figure that the program was written in VB, so I tried loading the unpacked exe with smartcheck. But smartcheck crashes.

So I did some tests:
- Wrote a simple program in VB, Aspacked it, unpacked it
- SC opens up the original exe (so SC is working fine)
- The unpacked exe doesnt work with SC. (I tried with different unpackers)
- The unpacked exe runs fine.

I compared the exe headers of the unpacked and original exes and I tried to reconstruct the header of the unpacked exe... trying to eliminate the 2 extra sections that aspack added... it didnt go too well .

Anyone know what could be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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